Risk Management

Advocacy Insure

A strong foundation for your financial well-being can be achieved by properly managing risks. We are based outside of New Orleans; a laissez-faire culture and geography forces us to consider risk often. In fact, we focus on detailed management of various forms of risk. Regarding traditional forms of risk management, generally, insurance is utilized to transfer a risk to an insurance company in exchange for a premium. On a strictly "as-needed basis," and never deviating from our principles as "Financial Advocate", we may recommend and implement certain types of insurance products to our clients. For example, to protect families and businesses, we may utilize low-cost life insurance, disability insurance, and certain types of annuities. Although there is no requirement to implement insurance recommendations through Advocacy Financial, we believe in helping clients follow through on recommendations to help them manage risks. We can help you take action to get things done to help protect yourself, your business, and your family.

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