Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Advocacy Financial is committed to excellence in financial planning and wealth management. With a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional also serving as in-house attorney, along with CPAs and business advisors available, Advocacy Financial delivers a credentialed and experienced offering to help you.

Your circumstances and objectives are unique. We pull the pieces together to coordinate customized financial plans for our clients. With investment management and insurance as a focus, Advocacy Financial addresses all aspects of your financial life, including retirement planning, estate planning, tax minimization strategy, risk management, education funding, as well as legacy and charitable planning.

The financial planning process is a deeply personally service and we would be honored for you to considered us to help you. Any items discussed will be held in a strictest confidence. When we carry out the financial planning process together, it is usually thorough, effective, and therapeutic. We seek to help clients avoid mistakes, manage risks, and optimize their circumstances. We provide you with access to advanced software which is tailored to your situation and can adjust to your dynamic life.

Generally, Financial Planning occurs in phases:

  • Consultation, including gathering info and data
  • Engaging together for services (Coordinating Financial Planning and Asset Management)
  • Confirm your information and your objectives
  • Review info with preliminary recommendations and implimentation
  • Prioritize next steps
  • Periodic reviews and identify focus-areas based on a review schedule (semi-annual, annual etc.) or due to a material change in circumstances

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