Asset Management

Asset Management

Investment Management is at the core of our offering. With assets under management acquired primarily through referrals from existing clients, our personnel and systems have extensive experience managing money in various market conditions.

We do not experiment with our clients’ assets. We abide by principles rooted in common sense, namely, diversification and asset allocation. For most clients, the focus is on steady growth and capital preservation, but each client has different needs and unique circumstances. We analyze multiple aspects of a client’s financial situation and objectives through a consultative approach, so that we can review forecasts and potential outcomes prior to recommending a specific portfolio.

We focus on cost-effective, after-tax results, very aware that what matters is the net-return actually received by the client. We are not stuck on any one strategy, investment type, or custodian; we work to utilize the best available investment types for every component of the client’s portfolio. It is our duty to act with the utmost good faith and place our client’s best interest above our own. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and trusted advisor, we draw on our industry knowledge and experience to serve as your “Financial Advocate”.

For Existing Clients: Please utilize the link at the top right of the page to login to Fidelity, our preferred custodian for advisory client assets.

Retirement Plans

Advocacy Financial offers retirement plan services for various employer sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, profit sharing consulting services, including fund performance reviews and comparisons, fiduciary services, plan design, and employee education programs.

Institutional Services

Advocacy Financial provides consulting and asset management services for institutions, including private companies and nonprofit organizations. Services include investment management, fund performance reviews, and investment committee oversight, among others.

To learn more, reach out to us to see if we can schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation.

Advocacy Financial and Fidelity - Working Together for You

As your financial professional, we are expected to make decisions about your funds based on the highest degree of scrutiny. We use the same approach when choosing our service providers who help us in helping you meet your objectives. This is why we’ve selected one of the world’s largest financial services companies, Fidelity Investments (Fidelity), as our main custodian. Our selection of Fidelity as our custodian brings you the strength, stability, and protection you need to help you meet your goals.

What is a Custodian? A custodian is a financial institution that has certain regulatory responsibilities for an investor’s securities. Investments that you entrust to Fidelity are placed in custody with Fidelity’s clearing firm, National Financial Services LLC (NFS), one of the largest clearing providers in the industry. A clearing firm is an organization that, among other things, handles the execution, clearance, and settlement of transactions.

An Experienced, Reputable Firm Helping to Protect Your Assets and Privacy

For more than 70 years, Fidelity has built a reputation of integrity and financial management expertise. As a leader in the financial services field, Fidelity has a thorough understanding of the products and services we need to help best serve you, and deliver them to you in the most efficient and convenient ways.

Long-term Vision with You in Mind

Because the firm is privately owned, Fidelity is able to make decisions based on long-term benefits — not short-term gains — for the investors it serves. For example, Fidelity has a history of reinvesting a large portion of its profits in technology and services, which can help enhance the products we offer you.

Access to an Extensive Range of Products and Services for Your Portfolio

Diversification is important to the job of managing your money for maximum returns and minimal risk.2 Working with Fidelity gives us access to a wide range of products and services — those offered by Fidelity as well as by other third-party firms — that can help us strive to achieve your financial objectives.

Recordkeeping That Helps Simplify Your Life

The need to keep track of your transactions, including capital gains and losses, can be a burden, especially at tax time. Through our relationship with Fidelity, you will receive a simplified, consolidated statement each month reflecting all your investment positions and transactions. After the tax year, you will receive tax forms and a summary statement, which can make preparing your tax return much easier.

Additional Protection for Your Investments

Fidelity has arranged for insurance protection beyond the coverage through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). While your assets are covered by the SIPC up to $500,000, including cash claims limited to $250,000, Fidelity provides supplemental protection that covers your account with coverage from Lloyd’s of London together with other insurers over and above this SIPC coverage. The “excess of SIPC” coverage would only be used when SIPC coverage is exhausted. Like SIPC protection, “excess of SIPC” protection does not cover investment losses in customer accounts due to market fluctuation. It also does not cover other claims for losses incurred while broker-dealers remain in business. Total aggregate “excess of SIPC” coverage available through NFS’s “excess of SIPC” policy is $1 billion. Within NFS’s “excess of SIPC” coverage, there is no per-customer dollar limit on coverage of securities, but there is a per-customer limit of $1.9 million on coverage of cash. This is the maximum “excess of SIPC” protection currently available in the brokerage industry. Lloyd’s of London currently has an A (Excellent) rating from the ratings firm A.M. Best, an AA- (Very Strong) rating from Fitch Ratings, and an A+ (Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s.2

Fidelity has assets under administration of $4.8 trillion, including managed assets of more than $2.0 trillion, as of May 31, 2014.

With Fidelity, we believe we are working with a provider that maintains the highest level of integrity in providing brokerage and custody services, and protection for your assets.

Working Together for You

Our selection of Fidelity as our custodian brings you the strength, stability, and protection you need to help you meet your goals. Our firm, working together with Fidelity’s advanced brokerage platform and comprehensive asset protection, provides a solid foundation to help us safeguard your securities and help you achieve your financial objectives.

Your financial advisor’s respective firm is an independent company, not affiliated with Fidelity Investments. There is no legal partnership, agency, affiliation, or similar relationship between your financial advisor and Fidelity Investments, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information contained herein. Asset under administration levels as of June 2014, and subject to change. Securities in accounts carried by NFS, a Fidelity Investments company, are protected in accordance with the SIPC up to $500,000. For claims filed on or after July 22, 2010, the $500,000 total amount of SIPC protection is inclusive of up to $250,000 protection for claims for cash, subject to periodic adjustments for inflation in accordance with terms of the SIPC statute and approval by SIPC’s Board of Directors. NFS has also arranged for coverage above these limits. Fidelity Investments’ “excess of SIPC” insurance is provided by Lloyd’s of London, together with Axis Specialty Europe SE, Markel International Insurance Company, XL Specialty Insurance Company, and Munich Reinsurance Co. For ratings explanations, please go to coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities, nor does either coverage extend to certain securities that are considered ineligible for coverage. For more details on SIPC, or to request a SIPC brochure, visit or call 202.371.8300. The Fidelity Investments and pyramid design logo is a registered service mark of FMR LLC. Fidelity Clearing & Custody SolutionsSM provides clearing, custody, or other brokerage services through National Financial Services LLC or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Members NYSE, SIPC.